ConnectED Symposium Information & Resources

2nd Annual ConnectED Symposium: Accentuating the Value of General Education in an R1 Institution

On 5/3/23, faculty and student success partners from across VCU convened to engage in dynamic, collaborative conversations about the value of general education in advancing VCU's research mission. Click on the links below to view the session or read additional information on the topic.

Resources for 2nd Annual ConnectED Symposium

  1. Full recording of the main sessions.
  2. Presentation slides from the event.
  3. “The Equity Excellence Imperative” (Report from the Boyer 2030 Commission)
  4. “Advisory Recommendations from the Lamborn-Hughes Institute,” VCU Lamborn-Hughes Institute Team, July 2022
  5. “General Education and the Humanities,” Annie W. Bezbatchenko & Loni Bordoloi Pazich, Jan. 14, 2022, AAC&U
  6. “Lead the Way,” Robert A. Scott, Fall 2022, AAC&U
  7. “‘What Every Student Should Know’: General Education Requirements in Undergraduate Education,” Reem A. Aldegether, 2015, World Journal of Education
  8. “Investigation of the Alignment of General Education and Academic Degree Program Learning Outcomes,” Yelisey A. Shapovalov & Brian C. Leventhal, v. 18, Research & Practice in Assessment
  9. "Repairing Gen Ed," Beth McMurtrie, Chronicle of Higher Education

1st Annual ConnectED Symposium: Celebrating General Education at VCU

In the inaugural ConnectED Symposium on 5/4/22, VCU faculty, staff and administrators gathered in person and online to celebrate the launch of VCU’s revitalized general education program. Click on the links below to view session info and resources from the event.