Expand your horizons through VCU's general education program

At VCU, general education is not just about checking a box, or fulfilling a series of mindless requirements before you graduate. Here, general education is an opportunity: a chance to expand your horizons both inside and outside the classroom.

That’s why we call it ConnectED. We believe your academic work should be a bridge, connecting you to new passions and interests, and to subjects you’ll love that you might not have found otherwise. A bridge connecting you to society and the wider world, and to the skills that will help you make a difference out there in it.

Your general education at VCU is full of courses that will allow you to explore creativity, entrepreneurship, other cultures, nature, and problem solving, just to name a few. You’re in the driver’s seat of your general education experience; we encourage you to branch out and try something new!

So, whether you are a VCU student, faculty or staff, we invite you to look around this website to learn more about ConnectED. And, as always, feel free to reach out to us at

For students

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The VCU Bulletin has comprehensive information on the ConnectED requirements and the available ConnectED courses.

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