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Foundations of Learning requirement

Foundations of Learning courses ensure you have a solid basis in competencies and skills, setting you up for success in the classroom and beyond. These skills include:

  • Communicative fluency
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Global and cultural responsiveness
  • Information literacy
  • Problem solving (critical and creative)
  • Quantitative literacy

Upcoming changes to Foundations of Learning and Areas of Inquiry requirements

The racial literacy requirement was approved as an additional Foundations of Learning course in VCU’s general education program. Therefore, when it goes into effect in the 2023-24 academic year, the total number of Foundations of Learning credits that students are required to complete will rise to 15-16 credits (currently 12-13 credits).

At the same time, the introduction of the racial literacy requirement will also see the number of Areas of Inquiry credits that students are required to complete reduced to 14-15 credits (currently 17-18). Therefore, there will be no increase in the total number of credits in the general education requirements.

However, students will now be required to complete courses from at least three of the four Areas of Inquiry, taking at least three credits in each area. (Currently, all four Areas of Inquiry are required.)

For more information, visit the racial literacy information page

Additional information

For more details about these courses and fulfilling ConnectED's Foundations of Learning requirement, see the VCU Bulletin. And, as always, talk to your advisor!