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Proposal Instructions

This Google form will collect information the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee will use to evaluate new general education course proposals. For planning purposes you may preview the form. Please note that a PDF of the completed form must be attached to the new course proposal in the Course Inventory Management system. Changes to courses already approved in the ConnectED program should be made directly in CIM.

The broad rules and expectations of general education courses in the ConnectED program are as follows:

  • Any unit may participate in general education. During the initial stage of ConnectED, no course prefix (e.g., RELS or SOCY) may have more than four courses in the program.
  • All general education courses must be open to all VCU students (i.e., no restrictions to major).
  • General education courses should not focus on skills, techniques, or procedures specific to a particular occupation or profession.
  • General education courses must be offered at least once per academic year, in either the fall or spring semesters (courses can also be offered over the summer, but not exclusively).
  • Prerequisites for general education courses must themselves also be part of the general education program.
  • General education courses must fulfill one of the Areas of inquiry. See descriptions in the VCU Bulletin.
  • Each general education course is expected to address two to four of the learning goals. All general education courses must participate in the assessment organized by the General Education Assessment Committee.
  • General education courses cannot also serve as core requirements of a major. Units wishing to offer courses as general education will have to choose to remove them as a core major requirement where applicable.


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