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Breadth of Knowledge requirements

The Breadth of Knowledge requirements ensure that as part of your general education experience, you have an introduction to and understanding of three distinct areas:

  • Humanities and fine arts
  • Natural sciences
  • Social behavior sciences

These subject areas are in line with VCU's accrediting body's (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges) requirements for general education programs.

How do I fulfill this requirement?

To fulfill the Breadth of Knowledge requirement, you'll need to complete at least three credits in each of the areas listed below (for a total of nine credits overall). These credits will also count toward your Areas of Inquiry requirement; in other words, selecting one of the courses below will fulfill BOTH the Breadth of Knowledge AND Areas of Inquiry requirement. So, be strategic in your selection, and ask your advisor for help if you aren’t sure how to proceed.

Additional information

For more details about these courses and fulfilling ConnectED's Breadth of Knowledge requirement, see the VCU Bulletin. And, as always, talk to your advisor!