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Areas of Inquiry requirement

As the main organizational structure behind ConnectED, the Areas of Inquiry introduce our students to a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, building essential core skills in the process. 

To see the list of all courses offered within the different Areas of Inquiry visit the VCU Bulletin. The following are the Areas of Inquiry:

Creativity, innovation and aesthetic inquiry: 

Courses in this area encourage students to examine the circumstances that produce creative work; investigate the criteria used to judge creative work; and consider the role of imagination in expressing the human condition.

Diversities in the human experience:

These courses will introduce students to the modes of inquiry used in the study of social institutions and human behavior. Students enrolled in these courses will seek to investigate the relationship between the individual and society and the varieties of human psychology and development.

Global perspectives:

Through these courses students will encounter and comprehend cultures and contexts outside the U.S.; develop an understanding of how the world is interconnected; and consider alternative viewpoints among disciplines, histories and cultures.

Scientific and logical reasoning:

These courses examine how logical and empirical methods can be used to form and revise beliefs; use scientific concepts to describe the world and formulate questions; and model phenomena through the use of mathematics, computer programs and physical representations.


How do I fulfill this requirement?

For more details about these courses and fulfilling ConnectED's Areas of Inquiry requirement, see the VCU Bulletin. And, as always, talk to your advisor!